Bobo’s Chicken: The Original Recipe

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Long before food trucks had dedicated parks and were seemingly on every street corner, the tales of Bobo’s were so widespread in Oklahoma City that the man became a living legend. Ozell Pope-Powell, affectionately known as “Bobo,” was born in Preston, Oklahoma in 1937. He spent his early childhood in Beggs before moving to California’s Bay Area in his early adulthood.

Curtis Hines, known as “Uncle Curtis,” describes his cousin as an energetic visionary with dashing looks and daring charisma. “As a child, he was our leader and we were always in trouble because Bobo had great intellect that would have him accomplish many things…He had an insight that was greater than adults around him,” Hines said.

Food was dad’s second career, son Antonio Pope said. His first love was building.

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