When I moved to Oklahoma, I looked forward to a longer spring and summer coming from a colder climate. But before the move My family and I came to visit, and we quickly wanted to find a good eatery. There is nothing like a good brunch that can give you a soulful omelet and a craft cocktail of your choice to enjoy. While experiencing the vibrant arts district, and the sleek old automobile district I quickly saw that Oklahoma City had a personality that I didn’t expect. I spent most of my first weekend here driving looking for places to live. There were new developments everywhere and Homes were flying off the market in record time. The people were friendly, and the overall vibe was easy and stress free.  I will never forget that Sunday after an incredible brunch, my wife and I said, “we can do this”.

The support that the OKC community has for businesses that are formed in Oklahoma speaks volumes. It makes you want to be a part of that. One of the best conversation starters is always around the question, what restaurants have you tried? For me, when I enter a new area, I want to know who has the best barbeque, soul food, wings, and steak. I even need to know the best pizza spot. As A leader at Pepsi, I find joy in being able to service many restaurants and collaborate with organizations like OKC Black Eats where we celebrate black chefs and support their Mantra “Our Mission is Bigger than food”. The goal of this partnership is to ensure the next family that moves to OKC can feel the same way I felt after an incredible meal, “we can do this”.

Cory Gray | GM-Market Director| Oklahoma Market

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