COUNTDOWN to OKC Black restaurant bingo



Our Story:
Picture this – a community-driven initiative, founded by OKC Black Eats, all in the name of supporting our fantastic Black-owned businesses in the OKC Metro area. Yep, that’s us!

Hold onto your taste buds, because during Black History Month, we’re turning up the flavor! Our mission? To honor, celebrate, and enjoy the remarkable achievements and resilience of the Black-owned restaurants. 


Our Goals:
1. Let’s Eat and Explore: Dive into a culinary adventure as we shine a spotlight on some of the coolest Black-owned restaurants in metro. 


2. Stories to Savor: These restaurants aren’t just places to eat; they’re chapters in a delicious history book. 


3. Community Feast: We believe in the magic of food to bring people together. Our campaign is all about building bridges, sharing laughs, and celebrating our diverse community.


4. Support and Sizzle: By dining at these fabulous restaurants, you’re not only treating yourself to culinary wonders but also helping our Black-owned businesses thrive.


We invite you to be part of our mouthwatering mission during Black History Month and beyond. Let’s savor the flavors, embrace the stories, and ignite a city-wide celebration!


So, join in, have fun, and be a part of something truly delicious.

Let’s eat, explore, and make history together!


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The Bigger Than Food Foundation is thrilled to announce a partnership with Allied Arts, leveraging the OKCityCard to boost the upcoming OKC Black Restaurant Bingo campaign. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to nurturing social impact through the arts and economic empowerment.

The partnership is a strategic alignment of values and visions, aiming to create a strong community statement and framework. This alliance is poised to enrich Oklahoma City’s landscape through arts and cultural enterprise while driving significant socio-economic development.

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